A New Assessment of High Punctual Solar Trackers Effects on Poultry Welfare in Agrivoltaïc Open-Air Runs





Photovoltaic Tracker, Poultry Welfare, Laying Hens Counting, Agrivoltaic System


Open-air poultry farming is currently developing with the increasing society demand for livestock farming better considering animal welfare. Outside animal comfort and open-air runs exploration could be enhanced by shelters such as trees or photovoltaic (PV) structure. The aim of this study is to confirm previous results to evaluate (i) the microclimates generated under high punctual PV trackers, (ii) the effect on laying hens comfort, (iii) the use of panels shadow area by hens. In three experimental sites, microclimates were studied and laying hens were counted in a control area, under such PV tracker and under a tree. Results showed that PV trackers, as big trees, lowered summer soil and air temperatures, radiation and lightness, decreased the occurrences of stress situations for hens, and that more hens were counted under trackers than in a control area. These results may help for optimizing such agrivoltaïc system and the hens welfare by improving the open-air run design with PV structures and vegetation.


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