Acceptance of AgriVoltaics - A Multi-Stakeholder Survey for a German AgriVoltaic System in Fruit Farming




Acceptance, Stakeholder Perspectives


Public perception of Agri-PV cannot be reliably assessed at this time, in part because the agricultural context and appearance of each Agri-PV system varies widely. Therefore, within the research project "Agri-PV Fruit Growing", a social impact analysis of Agri-PV in a fruit growing region (predominantly apple growing) was carried out in May 2021 and interviews with local social representatives with public functions (multi-stakeholder approach) were conducted. The goal of the survey, which took place in parallel to the implementation of a pilot Agri-PV plant, was to get detailed insights to acceptance factors among the relevant stakeholder groups. As well, the implications regarding communication and informal participation in future Agri-PV plants will be elaborated.


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