Effect of Shading in an Agri-PV System on Structure and Growth of Ornamental Plants





Ornamental Plants, Plant Growth, Plant Physiology


The impact of shading on selected ornamental plant species was investigated by monitoring plant growth under a nontransparent roof in a nursery in Jülich and in an AgriPV-System in Rathenow. Plants were continuously measured using different RGB camera systems. Shading led to an increase in projected leaf area, increased petiole length and specific leaf area. Morphological changes in shade-sensitive Geranium cinereum plants led to a loss of plant marketability. Flowering time of Hydrangea sp. was not affected in a long term experiment in the AgriPV-System. Pigment composition was not altered significantly in Rhododendron plants. Experiments will be continued with a local nursery in a novel AgriPV-System established near Jülich.


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