Effects of Agricultural Photovoltaic Systems Development on Sweet Potato Growth

Novel Agrivoltaics for Water Food Energy Nexus





Agricultural Photovoltaic Development, Spectral Separation, Even-Lighting, Sweet Potatoes, Evapotranspiration, Saving Water


Agricultural Photovoltaic (APV) has become more popular worldwide. Its core idea is to generate electricity and grow crops simultaneously on the same farmland. We developed two APV, Spectrum Splitting and Concentrated APV (SCAPV) and Even-lighting Agricultural Photovoltaic (EAPV). Our previous studies have investigated electricity generation, enhanced growth of plants/crops, and reduced water evaporation simultaneously on the same farmland. Furthermore, SCAPV and EAPV examined the better quality and increased yield of many plants, such as lettuce and cucumber. However, the effects of SCAPV and EAPV on sweet potato quality and yield have not been studied. Therefore, this study aims to investigate the impact of SCAPV and EAPV on evapotranspiration (ET) and sweet potato quality and yield. We conducted three treatments: SCAPV, EAPV, and open-air (CK). We planted 32 m2 of sweet potatoes and placed a weather station in each treatment. Our results showed that the 32 m2 of sweet potato yield under SCAPV, EAPV, and CK were 121.53 kg, 99.55 kg, and 77.84 kg, respectively. The dry rate in CK was 11.75% lower than 13.41% and 13.81% under SCAPV and EAPV, respectively. Soluble sugar content increased under EAPV. Anthocyanin content under SCAPV improved. Therefore, SCAPV and EAPV positively affect dry matter accumulation and enhance the sweet potato's growth. Average ET under SCAPV and EAPV compared with CK significantly reduced by 31% and 23%. SCAPV and EAPV could reduce irrigation and provide feasible green energy and sustainable APV solutions.


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