AgriVoltaics: Economic Viability of a Synergistic System in the Sugarcane Bioenergy Sector in Brazil




Sugarcane Biomass, Optimization of Land Use, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy


This study presents an analysis of the economic viability of AgriVoltaics (AV) applied in the sugarcane-bioenergy sector in a hypothetical plant in the central region of the state of São Paulo, Brazil, using modal values and performance parameters typical of the 2019/2020 harvest season. The objective is to verify the economic viability, considering the technical aspects of the project, and agronomic, operational, and systemic requirements. The obtained results show a substantial increase in the combined economic margin, at 33,5%, a land use efficiency ratio (LER) of 108,6%, and a payback of investments around 9 years. The approach proved feasible for energy prices above US$ 49.21 MWh-1 . The greater operational gain was due to the optimization of land use, and the sharing of costs with the existing thermoelectric generation that uses residual sugarcane biomass, which allowed centralized management and a substantial increase in electrical generation. The higher relative incremental cost was resulting from the AgriVoltaics installation, adapted appropriately to the specific agronomic management practices required by sugarcane crops. The cost of the adapted AgriVoltaics installation found was US$ 0.96 per Watt peak. The approach proved economically viable, respecting the agronomic conditions of the crop and the optimized use of biomass-driven electrical thermal
generation infrastructure.


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