Challenges in the Planning, Construction and Farming Practices in Agrivoltaic Systems With Vertically Mounted Panels


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Agrivoltaic Systems, Vertically Mounted Panels, Planning, Construction, Farming Practices


Several challenges in planning, construction, and farming practices hinder the optimization of agrivoltaic systems (AS) and the achievement of optimal crop production. This paper identifies and addresses these issues while presenting initial solutions. One specific type of AS involves vertically mounted panels on arable or grassland sites. The installation of panel rows divides large fields into narrow units, restricting the use of farming implements with different working widths. Implement widths must align with the spacing between panel rows, which often results in residual strips or overlapping issues when field operations are carried out. Furthermore, boundary effects in AS are more pronounced, impacting yield along field borders. The presence of panel rows also complicates driving operations, requiring reduced speeds and posing collision risks between implements and panels. Soil compaction during AS construction, microclimate variations, and panel contamination by dust, or spray drift deposits further affect plant growth and solar system performance. Initial solutions are proposed to address these challenges. These include careful planning of row spacing based on the working widths of critical implements such as combines, adoption of field sprayers with foldable booms, consideration of pneumatic fertilizer spreaders, and integration of precision farming techniques to manage variability within AS. Additionally, the use of construction machinery with low soil pressure, employment of steering technologies based on global navigation satellite systems, and research on panel cleaning devices are suggested. Overall, this paper highlights the need for further research and development to overcome farming challenges in agrivoltaic systems with vertically mounted panels.


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