Vertical Agrivoltaics System on Arable Crops in Central France: Feedback of the First Year of Operation


  • Benjamin Tiffon-Terrade TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Paul Buffler Alliance BFC
  • Arnaud Sainsard AgriNovex
  • Christelle Lecoindre TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Julien Chapon TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Sylvain Gasser TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Patrice Fortané TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Rémy Hedacq TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Clothilde Weber TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Samuel Douillez TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Agathe Boukouya TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Issam Smaine TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Arttu Tuomiranta TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Arthur Poquet TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Antonios Florakis TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Pierre Souquet TotalEnergies OneTech
  • Anne-Sophie Robin TotalEnergies Renouvelables France
  • Marion Alaux TotalEnergies Renouvelables France
  • Camille Thomas Agrosolutions
  • Alizée Loiseau Agrosolutions
  • Sophie Harge TotalEnergies Renouvelables France
  • Martin Lechenet Alliance BFC
  • Etienne Drahi TotalEnergies OneTech



Vertically Mounted Bifacial Photovoltaic System, Annual Crops, Yields and Harvest Quality


Since the development of Agrivoltaics with panels placed above the plants, a new system is tested with vertical mounted bifacial photovoltaic panels, of which we present the results of the first year of two experimental sites. Such installations bring a lower shading level on the plant compared to fixed tilt or single axis tracking systems and could potentially suit fields with crops having low demands of shading. However, unlike more standard PV systems, few studies have detailed the effects of such devices on field crops. In this first experimental year, bifacial vertically mounted PV system showed interesting results with a stable or even a slight increase in annual crop yields. Also, harvest quality indicators are maintained or present favorable evolution indicating a high potential of vertical PV systems for Agrivoltaics.


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