Mapping of ImageNet and Wikidata for Knowledge Graphs Enabled Computer Vision




ImageNet, Wikidata, mapping, computer vision, knowledge graphs


Knowledge graphs are used as a source of prior knowledge in numerous computer vision tasks. However, such an approach requires to have a mapping between ground truth data labels and the target knowledge graph. We linked the ILSVRC 2012 dataset (often simply referred to as ImageNet) labels to Wikidata entities. This enables using rich knowledge graph structure and contextual information for several computer vision tasks, traditionally benchmarked with ImageNet and its variations. For instance, in few-shot learning classification scenarios with neural networks, this mapping can be leveraged for weight initialisation, which can improve the final performance metrics value. We mapped all 1000 ImageNet labels – 461 were already directly linked with the exact match property (P2888), 467 have exact match candidates, and 72 cannot be matched directly. For these 72 labels, we discuss different problem categories stemming from the inability of finding an exact match. Semantically close non-exact match candidates are presented as well. The mapping is publicly available at


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