Towards a Concept for Building a Big Data Architecture with Microservices




Big Data, Microservice, Success Factors, Software Design, Software Architecture


Microservices and Big Data are renowned hot topics in computer science that have gained a lot of hype. While the use of microservices is an approach that is used in modern software development to increase flexibility, Big Data allows organizations to turn today’s information deluge into valuable insights. Many of those Big Data architectures have rather monolithic elements. However, a new trend arises in which monolithic architectures are replaced with more modularized ones, such as microservices. This transformation provides the benefits from microservices such as modularity, evolutionary design and extensibility while maintaining the old monolithic product’s functionality. This is also valid for Big Data architectures. To facilitate the success of this transformation, there are certain beneficial factors. In this paper, those aspects will be presented and the transformation of an exemplary Big Data architecture with somewhat monolithic elements into a microservice favoured one is outlined.


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