Adjoints of Sums of M-Accretive Operators and Applications to Non-Autonomous Evolutionary Equations




Evolutionary Equations, Non-autonomous Equations, m-accretive Operators


We provide certain compatibility conditions for m-accretive operators such that the adjoint of the sum is given by the closure of the sum of the respective adjoint. We revisit the proof of well-posedness of the abstract class of partial differential-algebraic equations known as evolutionary equations. We show that the general mechanism provided here can be applied to establish wellposedness for non-autonomous evolutionary equations with L∞-coefficients thus not only generalizing known results but opening up new directions other methods such as evolution families have a hard time to come by.


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Picard, R., Trostorff, S., & Waurick, M. (2024). Adjoints of Sums of M-Accretive Operators and Applications to Non-Autonomous Evolutionary Equations. DAE Panel, 2.



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Received 2024-01-04
Accepted 2024-05-01
Published 2024-05-30