Design and Comparative Analysis of a Renewable Energy Based Rural District Heating System




Renewable Energy, District Heating, Wood Chips (Biomass), Air-Water Heat Pumps, Geothermal Heat Pumps, Solar Thermal Hotmaps, Sustainable Heating


This research focuses on adapting renewable energy sources for high-temperature rural district heating systems. By utilising Polysun® software, simulations explore combinations of wood chips (biomass), air-water heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and solar thermal. Emphasising carbon neutrality, the study considers the demand for space heating and domestic hot water. Data acquisition in Middle Franconia involved collecting relevant data from Hotmaps, considering the number of houses, construction year, and heated gross floor area. The study wraps up by presenting optimised models, empowering communities to make emission-effective decisions for sustainable heating solutions. This research contributes significantly to rural heating advancements, promoting energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. In our paper, we suggest solutions for rural energy communities with different technologies to reduce carbon emissions.


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Ayron, S., Haupt, T., Herkendell, K., & Vaidya, H. (2024). Design and Comparative Analysis of a Renewable Energy Based Rural District Heating System. International Sustainable Energy Conference - Proceedings, 1.

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