BTTAB – Broad-Based Testing of Energy-Efficient Demonstration Buildings with Thermally Activated Building Components


  • Paul Lampersberger e7 energy innovation & engineering
  • Walter Becke AEE Institute for Sustainable Technologies image/svg+xml
  • Martin Mayr e7 energy innovation & engineering
  • David Wolfesberger e7 energy innovation & engineering



Thermally Activated Building Components, TABS, Monitoring


The expansion of renewable energy generation as well as extensive possibilities for energy storage are central cornerstones of the energy transition. Thermal building component activation can be a key aspect here, as it can be used multifunctionally as a heating and cooling delivery system and as a storage system for fluctuating renewables. These applications not only offer enormous potential for the integration of renewable energies and waste heat, but they also promise high economic attractiveness and impress with their simplicity in implementation, operation and use.

In order to investigate these properties of Thermally Activated Building Structures (TABS) on real buildings, in the study BTTAB [1] 18 demonstration buildings spread over Austria have been selected for monitoring and surveys. It is intended to provide information about the performance of the storage and energy flexibility potential on the one hand, and to generate essential findings with regard to user comfort, user satisfaction, economic aspects in construction and operation as well as functionality on the other.

This paper highlights the various applications of the thermal building component activation technology and provides already derived results relevant for the planning, design and operation of future buildings with TABS.


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Lampersberger, P., Becke, W., Mayr, M., & Wolfesberger, D. (2024). BTTAB – Broad-Based Testing of Energy-Efficient Demonstration Buildings with Thermally Activated Building Components. International Sustainable Energy Conference - Proceedings, 1.

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