Integration of Solar Thermal Process Heat


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  • Timo Zippler Solarlite CSP Technology GmbH
  • Jakob Leicht AURA GmbH & Co. KG
  • Stefan Mehnert Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems image/svg+xml
  • Martin Scheuerer Protarget AG
  • Bärbel Epp Solrico
  • Andreas Burger Industrial Solar GmbH
  • Dirk Krüger German Aerospace Center image/svg+xml
  • Jana Stengler German Aerospace Center image/svg+xml



Balance of Plant, BoP, Concentrating Solar, Solar Process Heat, MODULUS


Varying conditions for heat integration still make individual designs and planning for the Balance of Plant (BoP) necessary and slow down the market integration of solar heat for industrial processes (SHIP). In addition to increased costs for planning, this also leads to higher technical and project management risks due to the lack of standardized engineering procedures. Therefore, the goal of the MODULUS project is to design a modular standardization concept, which is developed during the planning and engineering phase of three commercial SHIP projects. For testing the functionality, test plans have been drawn up which are intended to provide initial guidance for tests and their criteria to be carried out in each case prior to delivery, cold and hot commissioning. The BoP of the plant in Turnhout (Belgium) has already been installed and commissioned on site. Its example will be used to discuss the procedure for commissioning in the present work. Furthermore, a survey was sent to 80 companies to evaluate the trends of the SHIP world market. Several trends are discussed that will have a significant impact on market developments in the coming years.


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