Uniform Modeling of Heat Production Costs in Single-Family and Multi-Family Houses





Life Cycle Costs (LCC), Levelized Cost of Heat (LCoH), Heat Production Costs, Heat Demand


To ensure a fair and extensive comparison of different heating systems four representative buildings including their heat demand for space heating and domestic hot water were defined. A model for the heat production costs has been developed based on existing methods like the VDI 2067 part 1 [1] and the simplified approach for the calculation of the "Levelised Cost of Heat" (LCoH) of the IEA SHC Task 54 "Price Cost reduction in solar thermal systems" [2]. The developed model includes the costs of purchase, installation, operation, maintenance and disposal and was implemented in an EXCEL calculation tool which enables the calculation of the total life cycle costs (LCC), the levelized cost of heat (LCoH) and the CO2 emissions over the lifetime of the system.


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Fischer, Marie; Herceg, Sina; Weiß, Karl-Anders (2024): Integrated Sustainability Assessment of a Residential Heat Pump System, Proceedings 3rd International Sustainable Energy Conference - ISEC 2024, to be published




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Fischer, S., Weiß, K.-A., Nienborg, B., & Lenz, K. (2024). Uniform Modeling of Heat Production Costs in Single-Family and Multi-Family Houses. International Sustainable Energy Conference - Proceedings, 1. https://doi.org/10.52825/isec.v1i.1156

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