Towards Positive Energy Districts

Innsbruck, “Campagne Areal”




Positive Energy District, Heat Pump, District Heating, Photovoltaic


Positive energy districts (PEDs) are a vision to enable and foster the energy transition in the building sector. The integration of heat pumps (HP) in buildings and districts to achieve a net positive energy balance is crucial. The efficiency of the electric and thermal energy system of districts can be improved with the use of HPs. This refers to both, the upgrade of waste heat and benefiting from simultaneous use and generation of energy in buildings at different temperature levels (space heating, DHW, space cooling/dehumidification) and includes self-consumption of on-site renewable electricity generation. Using the example of the new district Innsbruck Campagne, HP integration options as well as photovoltaic (PV) integration potentials are evaluated with respect to reaching a positive energy balance. Both simulation results as well as monitoring results are presented. The importance of very high building efficiency standards as well as well-designed and dimensioned systems to achieve a positive energy balance and to reduce the so-called winter gap is highlighted.


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Ochs, F., Breuss, S., Venturi, E., Magni, M., & Dermentzis, G. (2024). Towards Positive Energy Districts: Innsbruck, “Campagne Areal”. International Sustainable Energy Conference - Proceedings, 1.

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