Influence of AlOx Interlayers on LeTID Kinetics in Ga-Doped Cz-Si




Crystalline Silicon, Surface Passivation, Bulk Defects, Degradation, Hydrogen


Light and elevated temperature-induced degradation (LeTID) is causing a reduction in efficiency especially in p-type silicon based solar cells. It is assumed to be strongly influenced by the hydrogen content in the bulk material. The presented work focuses on the impact of differently thick (5-25 nm) atomic layer-deposited aluminum oxide (AlOx) interlayers underneath the hydrogen-rich silicon nitride (SiNy:H) capping layer. The interlayer acts as a diffusion barrier for H during the firing step. It is demonstrated that the AlOx interlayer has a comparable effect on the LeTID kinetics in Ga-doped Cz-Si (Cz-Si:Ga) as it is observed in B-doped Cz-Si (Cz-Si:B). Additionally, it substantially minimizes lifetime degradation in the Cz-Si:Ga sample. With a determined ratio of electron to hole capture cross sections k=26(3), the degradation phenomena are attributed to the LeTID kinetics. Deposition of AlOx barrier layers exceeding 10 nm in thickness does not yield additional positive effects. Resistivity measurements revealed that the change in hole concentration correlates with the defect density for varying AlOx layer thicknesses. The doping concentration seems to influence the change in maximum defect density for varying AlOx layer thicknesses.


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