Analysis of the Performance of mc-Si and CdTe Modules Under Soiling Conditions




Solar Spectral Irradiance, Soiling, Spectral Response, Spectral Dust Transmittance


In this work, we study the soiling impact on the performance of two PV technologies installed in the south of Spain. For this purpose, we include electrical measurements as well as spectral aspects such as dust transmittance, quantum efficiency and the local solar spectrum to analyse their response. The studied technologies were multicrystalline silicon (mc-Si) and cadmium telluride (CdTe) PV modules. The solar spectra representative for clear sky, clean glass cover and soiled glass as well as the spectral response of the PV modules were used for the calculation of the photogenerated current density and spectral mismatch factor. Two cloudless days were chosen for analysis. In terms of the solar resource, these days did not exhibit large differences. Nevertheless, soiling was present to a different extent. When comparing the corresponding power output of the technologies on day 1 and day 2, the power losses at 12 UTC were 3 times larger for mc-Si and nearly the same for CdTe. This result shows that the soiling impacts differently on PV modules having different spectral responses.


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