Key Aspects of p-Type TOPCon on Textured Surface for Silicon Bottom Cells in Tandem Devices




Silicon Bottom Cells, TOPCon, In Situ Boron-Doped Poly-Si


Both-sides TOPCon solar cells are an interesting candidate for a highly efficient and thermally robust Silicon (Si) bottom cell for tandem devices, such as Perovskite-Si solar cells. However, preparation of p-type TOPCon on a textured surface is necessary which is particularly challenging. This work aims to gain a deeper understanding of the limiting factors and thereby optimize the SiOx/poly-Si(p) contact to close the gap to its n-type counterpart. Using symmetrical lifetime samples, we first show that a high level of surface passivation can be achieved using thermally grown interfacial oxides of different thicknesses. The samples strongly benefit from an effective thermal activation of hydrogenation by means of fast-firing. Thus, a recombination current density J0s as low as 23.4 fA/cm² was achieved for p-type TOPCon on textured surface featuring an in situ Boron-doped poly-Si layer prepared by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Moreover, we show that the passivation quality strongly depends on surface morphology. Smoothening the random pyramids’ valleys and – what is more – the tips has a positive impact on the surface passivation.


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