Both-Sided TOPCon Solar Cells – Towards a Lean Process Flow for Silicon Bottom Solar Cells




Silicon Bottom Cells, TOPCon, Tandem Solar Cells


Silicon solar cells with both-side full-area passivating hole and electron contacts are viable candidates for application as bottom cells in tandem architectures. In this contribution, cells with poly-Si based contacts at both sides are investigated as a potential upgrade to the emerging i-TOPCon single junction devices featuring a passivating contact (poly-Si(n)/SiOx) only at the rear side and an alternative to the SHJ technology featuring a-Si based full-area passivating hole and electron contacts. We show that a higher thermal budget is needed to mediate between poly-Si(p)/SiOx hole and poly-Si(n)/SiOx electron contact when the same thermal interfacial SiOx is applied. This is addressed by using a PECVD oxide that is adapted to the needs of the hole and/or the electron contact. We present a proof-of-concept poly-Si(n)/SiOx/c-Si/SiOx/poly-Si(n) device with emphasis on a lean process flow. An all-PECVD process sequence for the hole contact, i.e., plasma oxides+i/p-a-Si deposited at 200°C in the same chamber was applied. With co-annealing of the contacts, no additional hydrogenation, and no edge insulation step, we observe no shunting and obtain efficiencies of up to 20.8% for M2 size cells, so far.


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Seif, J., Polzin, J.-I., Bories, M., Hermle, M., & Bivour, M. (2024). Both-Sided TOPCon Solar Cells – Towards a Lean Process Flow for Silicon Bottom Solar Cells. SiliconPV Conference Proceedings, 1.

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