Advanced Determination of Temperature Coefficients of Photovoltaic Modules by Field Measurements




Solar Modules, Temperature Coefficients, Field Measurement


In this work data from outdoor measurements, acquired over the course of up to three years on commercially available solar panels, is used to determine the temperature coefficients and compare these to the information as stated by the producer in the data sheets. A program developed in MatLab App Designer allows to import the electrical and ambient measurement data. Filter algorithms for solar irradiance narrow the irradiance level down to ~1000 W/m2 before linear regression methods are applied to obtain the temperature coefficients. A repeatability investigation proves the accuracy of the determined temperature coefficients which are in good agreement to the supplier specification if the specified values for power are not larger than -0.3%/K. Further optimization is achieved by applying wind filter techniques and days with clear sky condition. With the big (measurement) data on hand it was possible to determine the change of the temperature coefficients for varying irradiance. As stated in literature we see an increase of the temperature coefficient of voltage and a decline for the temperature coefficient of power with increasing irradiance.


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