Investigation on the Long-Term Stability of AlOx/SiNy:H and SiNy:H Passivation Layers During Illuminated Annealing at Elevated Temperatures




Degradation, Surface Passivation, Crystalline Silicon


Most crystalline Si based solar cells, e.g. passivated emitter and rear cells, rely on SiNy:H and AlOx/SiNy:H passivation layers. In this work, the long-term behavior of minority charge carrier lifetime in such symmetrically passivated samples during illuminated annealing at elevated temperatures is investigated by means of photoconductance decay based lifetime measurements, corona charging and capacitance voltage measurements. Thereby, AlOx layers, which are known to reduce H in-diffusion due to their barrier properties, deposited by atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition as well as by atomic layer deposition were considered enabling a comparison of different deposition techniques. The frequently published behavior of the bulk related degradation could be confirmed and the qualitative correlation between maximum defect density and the changing total amount of H in the Si bulk due to the barrier properties of the individual layers dielectric layers could be shown. Furthermore, for the subsequently observed degradation accelerated by a treatment at higher temperatures, literature indicates degradation to be caused by surface related degradation. Investigations on field effect passivation during degradation by means of corona charging and CV measurements showed a large drop in fixed negative charges in the passivation layer stacks.


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