Experimental Evaluation of a Pilot-Scale Thermocline Thermal Energy Storage Combining Latent and Sensible Materials





Thermocline Combined Thermal Energy Storage, Latent-Sensible, Concentrated Solar Power


This work presents the experimental evaluation of pilot-scale thermocline that integrates a layer of phase change material (PCM) at the top of a sensible heat storage material in a thermocline thermal energy storage (TES) tank. The TES is integrated to the MicroSol-R parabolic trough pilot plant at the PROMES research facility in Odeillo, France. The tank is filled with alumina spheres as sensible heat storage. The PCM is NaNO3 encapsulated in stainless steel horizontal tubes that fill about 5.5% of the tank volume. The charge is evaluated at three mass flow rates 2600, 3000, and 3900 kg/h at two different operating temperature ranges 285-315 ºC and 295-330 ºC. The discharge is studied at three mass flow rates 1600, 2000, and 3000 kg/h from 315 to 220 ºC and 330 to 225 ºC. The performance of the TES is analyzed with two main indicators: the thermocline thickness and the efficiency during the charge and discharge. The results indicate that lower mass flow rates during the charging process result in smaller thermocline thickness. Similarly, during discharge, the thermocline thickness reduces with lower discharge rates. Efficiency evaluation during discharge suggests that an optimal flow rate could be achieved.


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