Model-Based Predictive Control of a Solar Reactor




Model-Based Predictive Control, Solar Reactor, Syngas Production


The present paper deals with the modelling and control of a solar reactor designed to produce syngas, by exploiting concentrated solar power. A model of the reactor based on the thermodynamic equilibrium is developed. Two model-based predictive control strategies are proposed: the first strategy (MPC strategy 1) aims to maintain the reactor's temperature at its nominal value whereas the second strategy (MPC strategy 2) aims to maintain the reactor's temperature at its nominal value, while maximizing the use of solar energy. Finally, these strategies are compared to a reference strategy, which is based on a combination of a rule-based controller and an adaptive PID controller with optimized gains. The robustness of the MPC controller to forecast errors is also studied by testing different DNI forecasting models.

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Karout, Y.; Curcio, A.; Eynard, J.; Thil, S.; Rodat, S.; Abanades, S.; Vuillerme, V.; Grieu, S. Model-Based Predictive Control of a Solar Hybrid Thermochemical Reactor for High-Temperature Steam Gasification of Biomass. Clean Technol. 2023, 5, 329-351.


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Karout, Y., Curcio, A., Eynard, J., Thil, S., Rodat, S., Abanades, S., & Grieu, S. (2024). Model-Based Predictive Control of a Solar Reactor. SolarPACES Conference Proceedings, 1.

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