Development of Self-Passivating, High Strength Ferritic Alloys for CSP and TES Application




Concentrating Solar Power, Salt Corrosion Resistance, Protective Al2O3 Scale, Strengthening Laves Phase Precipitation


The addition of aluminum to ferritic stainless steels can result in self-passivation by the formation of a compact Al2O3 top layer, which exhibits significantly higher corrosion resistance to solar salt compared to a Cr2O3 surface layer. The development and qualification of realistic experimental methods for fatigue testing under superimposed salt corrosion attack will enable safe component design. Salt corrosion experiments were carried out at 600 °C with and without mechanical fatigue loading at a novel, self-passivating trial steel, using “solar salt” (60 wt.% NaNO3 and 40 wt.% KNO3). Cyclic salt corrosion tests at 600 °C under flowing synthetic air (without mechanical loading) showed that self-passivation to molten salt attack and mechanical strengthening by precipitation of fine Laves phase particles is possible in novel ferritic HiperFerSCR (Salt Corrosion Resistant) steel. A compact, continuous Al2O3 layer was formed on the surface of the model alloys with Al contents of 5 wt.% and higher. A distribution of fine, strengthening Laves phase precipitates was achieved in the metal matrix.


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