New Coating Paradigm to Boost Performance and Durability of Solar Receivers




Coating, Solar Receiver Tubes, Optical Property, Durability Tests, Subwavelength Structures


The development of renewable energy sources is nowadays of enormous importance, not only for the climate change fight but also for the security of the energy supply. The latest geopolitical unfortunate events in Europe have highlighted our energy dependency on foreign fossil fuels. In this context, solar technologies are already playing an essential role in shifting towards neutral carbon economies, ensuring a reliable energy supply. In this regard, dispatchability provided by CSP plants is key to pave the way towards energy transition. It is worth noting that the long-term durability and performance of solar components in arid regions are crucial to increase the reliability and performance of CSP plants while reducing O&M costs. In this work, an innovative approach based on nano-structuring the solar receiver tube glass is presented, which provides improved anti-reflective (AR) and anti-soiling (AS) properties, also showing good durability with respect to abrasion. Spectral transmittance improvement, soiling rate decrease, and durability measurements are presented for nano-structured glasses, comparing with current state of the art glass performance. The achieved experimental results suggest that the new structured glasses would be good candidates for CSP applications


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