Heat Transfer of an Integrated Counterflow Ceramic Heat Exchanger





Ceramic, Heat Exchanger, Heat Transfer, Concentrating Solar Power


The ceramic-based heat exchanger is one of the leading contenders for high-efficiency concentrating solar power plants using a molten salt heat transfer fluid and a supercritical carbon dioxide Brayton power cycle operating at temperatures above 700 °C due to the excellent resistance of ceramics to corrosion, oxidation, erosion, creep, and fouling. In the present study, the thermal performance of a ceramic silicon carbide prototype heat exchanger, with semi-elliptical heat transfer channels, integrated header channels, and a counterflow configuration fabricated by using binder jetting additive manufacturing, was experimentally investigated. Experimental heat transfer tests of the prototype were conducted at high temperatures and under various test fluid flow rates and inlet temperatures. The experimental heat transfer rates compared favorably with simulation predictions.


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