Reduced Order Modelling for the Optimization of CSP Tower Receivers and Their Cavities for High Temperature Applications




Reduced Order Model, Tower-Cavity Heat Loses Optimization


We present a Reduced Order Method approach to the heat exchange and loses in a simulated 3D cavity of CSP tower receivers. We validate the method in a 2D Boussinesq model problem for natural convection monitoring temperature, pressure and velocity for different values of the Rayleigh number. For the 3D problem of heat loses estimation we compute the snapshots with Ansys Fluent in a realistic model of a cavity with wind velocity and wall temperatures as varying parameters. The reduction in computational time can be up to four orders of magnitude with relative errors of 10^-5.


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Valverde, J., Galan-Vioque, J., Herruzo, J. C., Rubino, S., Chacón, T., & Nuñez Fernandez, C. (2023). Reduced Order Modelling for the Optimization of CSP Tower Receivers and Their Cavities for High Temperature Applications. SolarPACES Conference Proceedings, 1.

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