A Novel Application of a Parabolic Trough Collector for Solar Cooking, Thermal Storage and Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting





Parabolic Trough Collector, Solar Cooking, Thermoelectric Generator, Energy Harvesting, Concentrated Solar Power


The work here involves designing a solar solution for safe cooking and low-power generation intended for application in rural communities. A system was developed that combines Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) technologies. The CSP provides heat for clean cooking, and the excess heat is harvested by the TEG and converted into electrical power. A storage tank was integrated into the system, storing excess energy and serving as the medium for indirect cooking and supplying the heat required by the TEG. The Parabolic Trough Collector, having a resulting average thermal efficiency value of 21%, provided the useful energy to store over 4.25kWh of heat in the tank during the initial testing of the system. The TEG developed has four Peltier modules and attained 23W - over 80% of their rated power and a maximum conversion efficiency of 4.14% at a temperature difference of 220°C between the cold and hot surfaces of the generator. During the experiment, the TEG operation was limited to only four hours before subjecting a no-load test to assess the total energy storable from the system. The initial results from the test carried out here show the potential of the hybrid system in storing energy in the tank for an extended period and simultaneous operation of the TEG. Excess energy stored can be utilised further in providing the heat required for cooking or further electrical power generation.


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