Operating Parabolic Troughs With Molten Salt: Solar Field Optimisation and Ternary Salt Properties





Parabolic Trough Collector, Ternary Salt, Yara Molten Salt, Solar Field Optimization, HelioTrough® 2.0


A variety of works have been performed at the Évora Molten Salt Platform on a new collector system especially designed for optimised operation with solar salt as well as tests on a ternary salt. Concerning the new HelioTrough® 3.1 design the paper discusses how 30% less specific mass could be reached. Together with a novel approach to “run-in” bearings, as to lower friction, the torsion could be reduced significantly. Resultingly costs were reduced while improving precision of the trough. The ternary salt has been operated between October 2021 and May 2022 in the end reaching operation temperatures up to 500°C. Samples have been taken and analysed to investigate nitrite and nitrate development amongst others. The heat capacity of the Yara Molten Salt has been determined with now a high level of precision, as well as the density.


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Michael Wittmann, Mark Schmitz, and Hugo G. Silva, Peter Schmidt, and Günter Doppelbauer, and Ralph Ernst, and Patricia Santamaria, and Thorsten Miltkau, Dorin Golovca, Luís Pacheco, Daniel Högemann, Mirko Meyer-Grünefeldt, Bernhard Seubert. “HPS2 – Demonstration of Molten-Salt in Parabolic Trough Plants – Design of Plant”, SolarPACES 2018. https://doi.org/10.1063/1.5117642

Niklas C. Dicke, Mirko Meyer-Grünefeldt, Michael Wittmann, Jana Stengler, Pedro Horta, Paula Martins, Mehrdad Torabzadegan, Kai Schmitz, Mark Schmitz, Nils Gathmann, and Christian Stefan, “Demonstration of 3.5 MWth Parabolic Trough with Ternary Molten Salt at the Évora Molten Salt Platform”, SolarPACES Conference 2022 (submitted)

D. Kearney, B. Kelly, U. Herrmann, R. Cable, J. Pacheco, R. Mahoney, H. Price, D. Blake, P. Nava, N. Potrovitza, “Engineering aspects of a molten salt heat transfer fluid in a trough solar field”, Energy 29 (2004) 861–870, https://doi.org/10.1016/S0360-5442(03)00191-9




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Krüger, D., Detzler, R., Schmitz, M., Jung, C., Bonk, A., Hanke, A., … Stengler, J. (2024). Operating Parabolic Troughs With Molten Salt: Solar Field Optimisation and Ternary Salt Properties. SolarPACES Conference Proceedings, 1. https://doi.org/10.52825/solarpaces.v1i.689

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