Influence of Temperature on Properties and Dynamics of Gas-Solid Flow in Fluidized-Particle Tubular Solar Receiver




Concentrated Solar Power, Particles Solar Receiver, Fluidized Particles


A fluidized particle single-tube solar receiver has been tested for investigating the gas-particle characteristics that enable the best operating conditions in a commercial-scale plant. The principle of the solar receiver is to fluidize the particles in a vessel – the dispenser – in which the receiver tube is plunged. The particles are flowing upward in the tube, irradiated over 1-meter height, by applying an overpressure in the dispenser. Experiments with a concentrated solar flux varying between 188 and 358 kW/m² are carried out, and the particle mass flux varied from 0 to 72 kg/(m²s). The mean particles and external tube wall temperatures in the irradiated zone are heated from the ambient to respectively 700°C and 940°C. It is shown that the temperature rise leads to a decrease of the particle volume fraction. Furthermore, a self-regulation of the system is evidenced with a short transient regime. This characteristic is essential from the operational viewpoint. The thermal efficiency of the receiver increases with the particle flow rate, reaching between 60 and 75% above 30 kg/(m²s). Several fluidization regimes are identified thanks to pressure signal analyses, like slugging, turbulent and fast fluidization, showing that regimes transitions are strongly affected by the temperature.


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