Experimental Methods for Measuring the Efficiency of a Molten Salt Central Receiver





Uncertainty Analysis, Solar Receiver, Molten Salt, Power-On Method, Efficiency Measurement, Solar Salt


In this work, two different methods for measuring the efficiency of central receivers are analyzed by the case of the High Performance Molten Salt II Project (HPMS-II): the continuous power-on method, and the semi-analytical method. The main difference between the two methods is the procedure to calculate the thermal losses of the receiver: on the one hand, the continuous power-on method calculates the thermal losses from the measurement of the absorbed power by the molten salt for different measured incident powers on the receiver. Here, it is assumed that the thermal losses are independent of the incident power if the molten salt temperature is kept constant. On the other hand, the semi-analytical method calculates the thermal losses as the sum of convective and radiative losses, calculated directly from the Newton and Stefan-Boltzmann equations by measuring the temperature of the tube surface, the ambient temperature, and the wind speed. Therefore, the calculation of the thermal losses is independent from one method to another. The procedure of applying these methods during the experimental test campaign of the HPMS-II receiver is detailed in this paper. Additionally, an uncertainty analysis of both methods is conducted to determine the uncertainty expected for the receiver efficiency measurements.


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