Particle Receiver Models for Systems Analysis




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Particle receivers are gaining importance in the field of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) due to the high temperature that particles can achieve without degradation. Several researchers are studying the potential of this technology by means of system analyses, which need simple and light models of the system. This study presents two simple models for the particle receiver. The simplest model is a correlation obtained by fitting the results calculated with a more complex receiver model simulated in CFD. The other model is a 1D model, which is benchmarked against the same CFD results. Although both models achieve high coefficient of determination, R2, when compared to CFD results, the 1D model seems to provide more accurate results (especially during sunsets and sunrises). Both models are integrated into a tecno-economic model developed in previous work. The LCOE obtained with the 1D model is between 7% and 10% greater than the one obtained with the correlation.


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