Cyclic Thermal and Structural Testing of a Hot Particle Storage Bin




Concentrating Solar Power, Thermal Energy Storage, Flowing Particles


Thermal energy storage is a key element in concentrating solar energy systems. In 2017 a Roadmap toward a third-generation system that could meet the SunSHOT goals of 0.06 $/kWe recommended increasing temperatures to > 700° C for heat transfer media to in-crease thermal efficiencies and lower levelized costs of heat. In 2021, the U.S. Department of Energy selected the particle pathway, G3P3, to build a 1 MWt prototype solar tower with 6 MWh thermal energy storage at the NSTTF in Albuquerque, NM. Of the primary components, the falling particle receiver, and particle-to-sCO2 heat exchanger have been demonstrated at the 250 kWt capacity. The storage component is now being demonstrated as part of the G3P3-USA and G3P3-KSA pilot plants. Storage bin liner materials have been demonstrated by KSU in 2016 and 2019. A flowing particle storage container was demonstrated in 2020 by KSU. The testing presented in this work will be the first to test the particle to wall interactions with mono-lithic refractory insulation, and to validate a transient thermal transport model with the unique kinetics of bulk solids in funnel-flow where cooler particles near the walls flow inward toward a hot central flow channel. This work will also de-risk and characterize the specific design of the G3P3-USA storage bin.


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Sment, J., Plewe, K., Schroeder, N., Lambert, M., Chen, D., & Ho, C. (2024). Cyclic Thermal and Structural Testing of a Hot Particle Storage Bin. SolarPACES Conference Proceedings, 1.

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