A Comparative Radiative Property Evaluation of Sintered Bauxite and AMS4003 Ceramic Particles





Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Particles, Sintered Bauxite, Radiative Properties, Solar Absorptance, Thermal Emittance


The radiative properties of sintered bauxite (ACCUCAST ID80) and AMS4003 particles were measured and compared to assess their performances as direct absorption and heat transfer media for particle-based concentrated solar power (CSP) plants. Reflectance measurements were performed over the spectral range 0.2–20 µm and used to calculate solar and thermal emission properties of the particles. In addition, reflectance was measured as a function of temperature up to 1000 °C for the spectral range 1–20 µm. The solar absorptance of AMS4003 was greater than that of ACCUCAST both before and after thermal cycling of the materials at 1000 °C, although thermal cycling was found to substantially decrease the solar absorptance of both materials. The thermal emittance of AMS4003 was also greater than that of ACCUCAST at all temperatures tested. Finally, the radiaitve properties measured in this study were used to estimate absorber efficiencies as a way to compare the particles in terms of their performance in a solar receiver. AMS4003 yielded greater efficiencies than ACCUCAST, suggesting its potential as a material for CSP.


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