Dynamic Modeling of a Solar-To-Hydrogen Flexible High Temperature Steam Electrolysis Plant





Solar Process Heat, Dynamic Modelling, Sustainable Hydrogen Production


Sustainble hydrogen production for use as a renewable combustible fuel and clean chemical feedstock is an important objective as the world moves towards a renewable energy future. High temperature steam electrolysis is a promising hydrogen production technology due to its reduced electric input that is offset by heat input into steam generation and steam superheating. An option to provide this heat is to use concentrating solar thermal technology that can sustainably provide heat input while renewable electricity is used for the electrolysis reaction. In this work, a solar-to-hydrogen high temperature steam electrolysis plant is designed and dynamically modeled, showing continuous hydrogen production by utilizing supplemental heating and efficient recuperative heating from the electrolysis product streams. Through this design, over 90% of the required heat input for the process can by met by a combination of solar and recuperative heat. Additionally, the plant can flexibility operate by ramping down hydrogen production and through flexible heat integration, which intelligently integrates solar heat based on solar conditions. Smooth operation with flexible hydrogen production is demonstrated which decreases electrical input during on-peak grid times and also decreases the total supplemental heat load over the course of a day from 26.1% to 24.5%. In addition, by using flexible heat integration, the plant can increase its solar heat usage by 4.1% relative to a base case. Both options for flexibility show efficient use of solar thermal energy to sustainably and continuously produce hydrogen.


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