High Temperature Ternary Chloride Molten Salt Pump





Molten Salt, Ternary Chloride Salt, Molten Salt Pump, Hydrodynamic Bearings, Hydrodynamic Bearing, Carbon Ring Seal, Superalloys, Stellite, Colmonoy, NiWC, Inconel 625, 316L Stainless Steel, High Velocity Oxygen Fuel Coating, High Temperature, 720 °C


A ternary chloride (MgCl2-NaCl-KCl) molten salt pump has been developed to operate up to 720°C. The design is the result of a thermal, structural and material study of critical components. The vertical overhung pump incorporates first of a kind salt-wetted hydrodynamic bearings. Several bearing material pairings were tested which include: colmonoy grades, stellite grades, and a novel NiWC-based alloy (i.e. HybrimetTM NiWC3b) used as a High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) coating. The coating withstands the corrosion effects of the molten salt, and is also used to protect a 316L stainless steel pump reservoir. The pump bowl assembly components are made of Inconel 625. A Nitrogen flushed carbon ring seal is used to keep salt vapors from interacting with external ambient air. Preliminary testing shows a promising pump design for use in the Concentrating Solar Power Gen 3 systems and sets the ground for further development of the HybrimetTM NiWC3b as a competitive alternative to available superalloys.


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