A Real-Time Capable Simulation of Open Volumetric Receiver Surface Temperatures With Spatially High Resolution





Open Volumetric Receiver, Solar Tower, Simulation


The performance of open volumetric receivers can profit from advanced control of the heliostat aim points and the air mass flow. Advanced control techniques like model predictive control and state observer are based on dynamic system models. A suitable model for this purpose is introduced and validated with data recorded at the solar tower Jülich. The model shows good performance with respect to the dynamics of individual absorber cups. The simulation of the whole receiver requires an advanced optimization of the model parameters.


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Iding, K., Zanger, D., Maldonado Quinto, D., & Pitz-Paal, R. (2024). A Real-Time Capable Simulation of Open Volumetric Receiver Surface Temperatures With Spatially High Resolution. SolarPACES Conference Proceedings, 1. https://doi.org/10.52825/solarpaces.v1i.885

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