Development and Manufacturing of a Controlled 3D Printed Bionic Hand




bionic hand, AI, 3D printing, low-budget


During a current project, a fully functioning prototype of a 3D printed bionic hand was developed. This paper explains principles such as: bionic hand movement, working rules of sensors and actuators etc. Design of all parts are performed, including the wiring of control system. The project includes two types of sensor control systems for bionic hand. One is with stretch sensors that replicates movement of human hand onto the bionic model. Other type is using machine learning (AI) and a camera. The average amputee cost is $30.000,00 for a new custom-built arm/hand. With the advancement of technology through time, manufacturing processes became cheaper and more accessible. Technical innovation of this project was the fact, that a functional prosthetic hand prototype was built for price lower than $50,00. The prototype does not have all the functions and capabilities as the full priced custom prosthetic hand, but it can replicate altogether the movements as the real device. All the fingers are capable of moving individually, sideways and with the work on the new version, gripping function could be perfected. Further work on materials, could help find the adequate material to increase friction and thusly enhance the grasp strength. The new challenge would involve testing with different kinds of materials to improve the working stability. As it was already unfavorable, this project was mostly based onto the actuation part, or rather the hand itself. Second part of research would involve exploring of different sensor systems. Two control solutions were designed and tested. Next steps would involve neurotransmission sensors, where arm would be controlled using brainwaves as signals that are transformed in movement.


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