Optimization of Biogas Production by Co-Digestion of Organic Waste (Cow Dung and Water Hyacinth)





co-digestion, cow dung, water hyacinth, optimization


The objective of this work is to determine the co-digestion ratio of water hyacinth and cow dung for the optimization of biogas production at Sô Ava, a lake city of Southern Benin. To achieve these ratios, we suppose that the water hyacinth has a high gas yield and cow dung ensures stability in the biodigester because it brings fresh bacteria and has a strong buffering capacity (maintenance of a stable pH). For 45 days, we have introduced a mixture of water hyacinth and cow dung in 5 mini-biodigesters of 10 liters each: digester no1 (100% of cow dung); digester no2 (100% of the water hyacinth); digester n° 3 (50% of the water hyacinth and 50% of the cow dung); digester no4 (75% of cow dung and 25% of water hyacinth); digester no5 (75% of the water hyacinth and 25% of the cow dung). The measurements of the pH, temperature and the proportion of gas (CH4, CO2, O2 and H2S) in the mini-biodigesters was done. The measurements show that the digester n° 5 produces the highest capacity of 15.24L of biogas with 70% of methane while the digester n °2 has the lowest capacity 5.47L of biogas with 58% methane. These results show that the yield of biogas produced is greater when using the mixture of the substrate with the ratio of 75% of water hyacinth and 25% of cow dung. This result encourages the energy recovery from water hyacinth, once considered as a seasonal plague which hinders navigation of local boat in the lake.


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