Bi-facial Open-Space Photovoltaic Systems versus Conventional Systems using Mono-facial Modules

A Technical and Economic Comparison


  • Marcus Schmidt SUNfarming GmbH Erkner
  • Lutz Giese Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau image/svg+xml



Bi-facial photovoltaics, open-space PV systems, Renewable Energy Sources, Solar Energy


As part of a scientific work within the solar company Sunfarming GmbH, the aim was to find out whether bi-facial modules on open spaces deliver better results economically than conventional mono-facial solar modules. In this context, an already installed 750 kWp PV system with mono-facial solar modules was compared directly with a structurally identical PV system with bi-facial modules, which, however, does not exist in practice but was only simulated with PV software. The second part of the investigation includes the comparison of four different assembly systems or elevation variants in order to determine the system with the best relationship between system yield and costs.

The final result of the first investigation showed that the use of bi-facial modules reduced the specific costs per kWh by approximately 5 %. In order to improve this effect, the use of compact assembly systems is recommended, e.g. five rows of modules per table with horizontal alignment.


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Schmidt, M., & Giese, L. (2021). Bi-facial Open-Space Photovoltaic Systems versus Conventional Systems using Mono-facial Modules : A Technical and Economic Comparison. TH Wildau Engineering and Natural Sciences Proceedings , 1.