The Scene of Village and Farm Stores in Saxony-Anhalt

An Attempt at Mapping




Village store , Farm store , Local supply, Rural area, Demographic change, Saxony-Anhalt


The importance of village and farm stores for providing rural needs is steadily increasing. Since there are hardly any insights concerning the development of the village and farm shop scene in Saxony-Anhalt to date, an attempt was made to map the scene as completely as possible based on freely available data. The results show a broadly established scene with sometimes highly professional online marketing, which compared to discounters and full-range stores loses in attractiveness especially in terms of opening hours.


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Reinboth, Christian (2021): „Dorf- und Hofläden in Sachsen-Anhalt: Standorte, Rechtsformen, Öffnungszeiten und digitale Präsenz“. Wernigerode: TECLA e.V. [DOI:]



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