Blockchain Based Hydrogen Market (BBH2) - A Paradigm-Shifting, Innovative Solution for a Climate-Friendly and Sustainable Structural Change




Hydrogen, Blockchain, Sustainability, Innovation, Structural change


Until now, there is no flawless tamper-proof verification of climate-friendly "green" hydrogen and the resulting possible tracking of its origin from the renewable energy producer to the end user, so that the entire supply chain of "green" hydrogen cannot be represented in terms of economic, ecological and social sustainability and mapped in a secure and transparent market. This problem can be solved with a suitable blockchain, which also offers further unprecedented added value for the supply chain of the "green" hydrogen market and for sustainable structural change as a whole, and whose development will soon be funded as part of the funding call "Hydrogen Technology Offensive" within the research funding of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection in the 7th Energy Research Program of the Federal Government. 


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