Terminologies in RDM for Engineering – a Service Approach

NFDI4Ing Terminology Service





Semantics, Terminology Service, Ontology, Information Technology


The frameworks which have been established since the start of the NFDI allow for a coordinated development of RDM services, which include the introduction of community specific Terminology Services. To address the challenge of alignment and re-use of established ontologies and terminologies in the engineering domain, a Terminology Service (TS) was set-up for the NFDI4Ing initiative: https://terminology.nfdi4ing.de. The NFDI4Ing TS provides a single point of access to relevant research concepts and offers the building blocks for (meta-) data schemata and data annotation. As an open source platform, it features more than 50 ontologies, 147,000 terms and over 5,800 properties from a range of engineering-related terminology collections. The use of the NFDI4Ing TS fosters interoperability and reuse in a FAIR data context.


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