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Effective data management extends over the entire life cycle of data, from the point of creation through to dissemination and archiving, and usually continues long after a research project is concluded. Tailored guidance for management of research data is increasing its importance among data-driven scientific investigations. There is now increasing demand for Research Data Management (RDM), by funders and host institutions, for researchers to develop and implement data management plans for projects. The RDMkit, by ELIXIR Europe, is an open community-led resource designed to share knowledge on how to carry out RDM in life sciences research. It fills the training and learning gap by providing knowledge on domain-focused RDM considerations, task-focused solutions and resources, and tool assemblies that showcase real-life examples addressing how combinations of tools can be used to go through the data life cycle. The technical infrastructure of the RDMkit is reproducible, making it possible for other organisations to use the structure as a guide and inspiration to set up RDM source for their users. In this talk, RDMkit will be introduced with example best practice guidelines, and integrations and knowledge sources.


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