Opportunities and Limits of a Disciplinary Repository Using the Example MO|RE data (eResearch Infrastructure for Motor Research Data)





Sports Science, open data, motor tests


Out of two funding periods by the German Research Foundation resulted the first disciplinary repository for sports science motor activity research data MO|RE data. MO|RE data addresses sports scientists, researchers from related disciplines and practitioners such as teachers and educators, which work with or generate human motor performance test data as well. It has five main functions: publishing, storing, searching, citing and mapping. There are still some limitations as well as not exploited opportunities. Opportunities include among others the international expansion. Limitations are e.g., that linking health and motor test data is difficult due to data protection law. The sharing of sensitive data is not possible with the current concept and needs further solutions as e.g., remote access or workstations for guest researchers. In future, those data sets must be kept in mind to cover the requirements of research data management in sports science. Overall, the need for further development and optimization of MO|RE data repository in sports science becomes apparent to maximize its potential and ensure that it meets the evolving needs of researchers in the field.


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