Toward the Development of NII RDC Application Profile Using Ontology Technology




Interoperability, Ontology, Research data platform, Application profile


In recent years, there has been international progress in developing platforms that support the reproducibility and reusability of research data. Typical platforms adopt a service architecture integrating multiple information systems to cover the entire research data lifecycle. In realizing this architecture, specifications for inheriting processes and results executed on different information systems play an essential role. This study introduces our practices for application profile development using ontology technology in the NII Research Data Cloud.


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Minamiyama, Y., Hayashi, M., Fujiwara, I., Onami , J.- ichi, Yokoyama, S., Komiyama, Y., & Yamaji, K. (2023). Toward the Development of NII RDC Application Profile Using Ontology Technology. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure , 1.
Received 2023-04-20
Accepted 2023-06-29
Published 2023-09-07