One Resource to Teach Them All




Open Educational Resources, OER, Teaching Material, Markdown, Metadata, YAML, front matter, didactic path


Open Educational Resources (OER) allow for free access to educational materials and increase the chances of educational equity. We developed the DataPLANT OER, a teaching material resource based on the concept of annotated bricks along didactic paths. Our concept builds on a leveled approach with the brick, unit and dissemination level, is environment-agnostic and can be implemented in any desired technical framework. It balances customization and reuse and aims at one OER to teach them all.


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Poster presentations II (Call for Papers)
Received 2023-04-25
Accepted 2023-06-30
Published 2023-09-07

Funding data

  • Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft
    Grant numbers DataPLANT within the framework of the NFDI (project number: 442077441);CEPLAS within Germany´ s Excellence Strategy - EXC-2048/1 (project ID: 390686111)