NFDI4Earth: Improving Research Data Management in the Earth System Sciences




Geospatial resources, Research Data Management, Earth System Sciences, NFDI4Earth


The increasing availability of digital research products – typically encompassing data and software – in the Earth System Sciences (ESS) calls for new approaches to facilitate the management and reuse of these digital resources. NFDI4Earth addresses this gap and targets the harmonization of services related to digital research products in the ESS. In our initial phase, we aim to support researchers in 1) discovering and exploring relevant data and software sources, 2) exploratory spatial data analysis, 3) solving research data management problems and 4) creating and publishing information products. This abstract briefly presents concepts and the first results of the harmonization efforts within NFDI4Earth. It touches upon four points: the harmonization of resource descriptions, the harmonization of ESS-specific support for research data management (RDM), joint training activities for researchers in the ESS, and the harmonization of discovery and publishing workflows.


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Bernard, L., Henzen, C., Degbelo, A., Nüst, D., & Seegert, J. (2023). NFDI4Earth: Improving Research Data Management in the Earth System Sciences. Proceedings of the Conference on Research Data Infrastructure , 1.

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