Data Management Plan Tools: Overview and Evaluation




Data stewardship, FAIR data principles, Management Plan, Research Data Management, DMP Tools, Data Management Plan, FAIR


Data Management Plans (DMPs) are crucial for a structured research data management and often a mandatory part of research proposals. DMP tools support the development of DMPs. Among the variety of tools available, it can be difficult for researchers, data stewards and institutions to choose the one that is most appropriate for their specific needs and context. We evaluated 18 DMP tools according to 31 requirement parameters covering aspects relating to basic functions, DMP contents, technical aspects and user friendliness. The highest total evaluation scores were reached by Data Stewardship Wizard (703.5), DMPTool (615.5) and RDMO NFDI4Ing (549.5). The tools evaluated satisfied between 10 % and 87 % of the requirement parameters. 11 tools cover at least half of the parameters. In terms of correlation among the tools, which indicates to which degree their scores in the different requirement parameters are alike, we found the highest correlation for ezDMP and GFBio DMPT. Regarding the relatedness between the tools, 85 % of the DMP tools were positively and 16 % negatively correlated. Accounting for the recent developments in the area of DMP tools, this study provides an up-to-date evaluation that can support tool developers in identifying potential improvements, and hosting institutions to select a tool suited to their specific needs.


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