CorWiz a Platform for Exploring Corrosion Data and Accessing Corrosion Models




Corrosion, Platform, Data-management, Corrosion-Modeling, Stainless-Steel corrosion


Corrosion is a major cause of material degradation and failure in various industries and applications. Damage caused by corrosion causes billions in damage each year and is a major cause of infrastructure degradation. Besides that, corrosion mechanisms, countermeasures and effects are generally not good understood. The platform CorWiz will provide an easily accessible way to corrosion research and data. 
Research data on corrosion mechanisms, rates, and prevention methods are essential for developing effective solutions and improving the performance and reliability of materials. However, corrosion research data are often scattered, inconsistent, or inaccessible, limiting their reuse and impact. Providing a more straightforward way to access available data and models has thus a significant impact on the research field and application areas. 
In the following we present the components of the minimum viable platform focusing on stainless steel corrosion.  


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